Physics (and other) Links

General Physics and Miscellany

Physics FAQ  A reliable source of information about a variety of physics topics.
Eric's Treasure Trove of Physics  Online physics encyclopedia.
Teacups & Glasses  The acoustics of drink containers.
Optical Society of America  The premier society of optical scientists.
American Physical Society  The home of most American, and many foreign, physicists.
This is True "Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense."

Relativity and Astrophysics

Physics FAQ  The Physics FAQ site includes a substantial relativity section.
General Relativity Tutorial   An online tutorial on General Relativity, presented at several levels.
Gravity Probe B  Learn about an experiment, in progress, to check frame dragging in General Relativity.
Einstein-Image and Impact  The American Institute of Physics website about Einstein.
NOVA/Einstein Online  All about Einstein and his theories, including some interactive games.
LIGO  About the new observatories for gravitational radiation, a new window on the universe.

Particle Physics & Quantum Mechanics

The Particle Adventure Home Page  A detailed tutorial about the theory of elementary particles.

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