Calculus II
"If I have seen a little farther than others
it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants."
- Isaac Newton

This class is a continuation of Calculus I, covering integral calculus, including the following topics:

- antiderivatives
- definite integrals
- the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
- applications of integration
- exponentials and logarithms
- methods of integration

This class, together with Calculus I, completes the equivalent of a first-year calculus class. Together, they also cover the topics of the College Board's AP Calculus AB test. Each class consists of ten self-study units with readings and assignments. The required text for the class is Schaum's Outline Theory and Problems of Beginning Calculus. Register for the class at LearnOnline.

The prerequisite for this class is Calculus I or equivalent, and a thorough understanding of trigonometry.

What students have said:

"I could work at my own pace with guidance. Dr. Lombardi was very helpful and patient."

"I was extremely impressed with this experience, from beginning to end. I began not quite not knowing how my first online class experience would turn out. Dr. Lombardi proved to be a true mentor, who would never fail to respond to my questions, whatever they might be, in a prompt and thoughtful fashion."

"I liked taking a class in higher math. It's an area I had problems with in college and unfortunately still had some problem completing. But in this case I feel I learned more than I did in my old college days."

"I totally enjoyed the class in spite of all the problems I had. It still re-awakened an interest for me to continue to study math."

"I like the way the course was presented and also the assignments. I also liked the concern from Mr. Lombardi always following through each assignment making sure that I will understand each problem. Based in my past experience in previous Calculus classes a while ago at college, I felt very comfortable knowing that with this course I will be able to keep at par with any other course in the same field. Is not an easy course, is a very challenging one and I like that."

You may order the textbook (Schaum's Outline Theory and Problems of Beginning Calculus) from by clicking here.

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